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Driving continuous improvement in Aged Care

-A look into the vital role of KPIs and reporting- Royal commissioners Tony Pagone and Lynelle Briggs have said that the unbiased measurement and reporting of performance is vital to create accountability and continuous improvement within the aged care sector. A Research paper written by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute for theContinue reading "Driving continuous improvement in Aged Care"

Upskilling your Strategy

Connecting a brighter futureAs we look to emerge from lockdown and our economy adjusts to what will be the new normal we look to the past seeking comparisons for what we can expect. Will our challenges be greater than the Global Financial Crisis, The Spanish Flu or World War II. The truth is that neverContinue reading "Upskilling your Strategy"

Repointing your strategy

–A guide to taking the lead in a changed world by applying SPARC- In what has been a challenging and unprecedented year for leaders of organisations across all sectors: governments, health services, education and the private sector alike, the question at the forefront of everybody’s mind is how do we simply survive and ride throughContinue reading "Repointing your strategy"

Building Strategic Resilience

An investment in technology 70 percent of executives from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland said the pandemic is likely to accelerate the pace of their digital transformation. -McKinsey and Company When faced with a period of uncertainty investing in technology and software to help strategise, plan, act, review and communicate could largely improve internal processes, createContinue reading "Building Strategic Resilience"

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