What makes us Unique?

Built by users for users

skefto is the result of a collaboration between strategy and software professionals. skefto has been developed with an emphasis “end user experience” and “beautiful end user design”. With this approach skefto provides both great “functionality” to meet organisational planning and performance needs as well as an engaging user experience that promotes repeat usage and high user adoption.

Rapid delivery & early value

Our team is committed to delivering early value and a rapid return on investment. We leverage industry best practice, templates and our extensive industry experience to establish a commanding baseline and starting position for solution delivery. We then adopt an agile approach which supports a process of continuous improvement through incremental configuration of skefto to meet your requirements.

Meeting your requirements

We provide assurance that skefto will meet your organisation’s requirements by doing the “heavy lifting” up front. Before kicking off a project a solution discovery is used to determine organisational readiness and confirm mandatory project entry criteria. Outputs of solution discovery are used as the basis of forming a solution proposal, underpinning the success of the implementation and adoption phases.

Client centric

skefto caters for all different levels of organisational maturity. skefto provides both a “best practice” approach to strategy, planning and performance, as well as flexibility for more mature organisations to configure the system in accordance with existing strategy and performance frameworks and processes.


Enable 2-way API integration between skefto and 3rd party platforms and solutions. Push existing organsiational data into skefto which can be referenced across plans, strategies and performance measures; and pull data from skefto for ingestion into 3rd party reporting platforms (e.g. Microsoft Power BI, Tableau etc) and data warehouses.


skefto caters for the needs of small-to-medium business through to large Government and Private enterprises. skefto grows in proportion to the growth of your business and allows you to increase your user base and adopt more sophisticated functions “on-demand”, as your business grows and matures.

Secure & local

The security and sovereignty of your data is our highest priority! skefto is hosted locally in Australia, on Government certified data centres, and secured by a range security and Cybersecurity controls adhering to International and Australian standards.

Built using the latest technologies

By using the technologies which include React.js, Node.js, GraphQL and RESTful Web API, skefto supports high levels of performance, scalability, integrability, security and usability. Adoption of these technologies supports a future sustainability, an innovative product roadmap and safeguards your investment in skefto for the long term.

Our Directors

Nick Nicolaou

Managing Director at skefto

Extensive experience in finance, strategy, compliance and corporate governance as a Director of Finance across publishing and media industries most recently at Oxford University Press and previously at AAV Limited (subsidiary of Fairfax Media).

nick@skefto.com | +61 407 743 228 | LinkedIn

Kosta Nicolaou

Director of Product and at skefto

Kosta’s role as Director of Strategy, Innovation and Research is to ensure skefto continues to deliver innovative software solutions that equips our customers with the tools required to address their biggest business challenges.

Experienced Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Business Process, Requirements Analysis, Risk Assessment, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and Project Management. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) focused in Computer Science from RMIT University.

kosta@skefto.com | +61 400 526 480 | LinkedIn