Strategic Planning Software

skefto Strategic Planning Software provides a simple approach. Strategy formulation. Strategic Alignment. Above all, effective Strategy Implementation

How skefto works…

Strategic Planning Software for Strategy Formulation

Strategy Formulation

To create a winning strategy, a well thought out approach to strategy formulation is firstly required! skefto helps you define your mission, vision, values, strategic objectives. Moreover, skefto allows you to set a clear structure for plans, set key dates, assign owners and create measures that will keep you on track for success.

Strategic Alignment

Create strategic alignment of business and staff goals and outcomes by creating links across your plans and key measures. skefto supports forming of links which are top down, bottom up or cross divisional to ensure you are 100% connected.

Strategic Planning Software for Strategic Alignment
Strategic Planning Software for Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation

Make strategy implementation an agile process! Monitor results, run reviews, and report on the progress of your plans. skefto provides you with the tools to deliver your plans with agility, and most importantly hit your goals at speed!

Strategy Evaluation

skefto strategic planning software helps with strategy evaluation by setting up regular reviews to report on the status of your plans. In addition skefto gives you a chance to take breather and make a change where required based on actual real time result data.      

Strategic Planning Software for Strategy Evaluation

Try skefto for free to give your strategy a SPARC

Present A One Page Strategy

Strategic Planning Software that provides a simple way to present a One Page Strategy

Take a simple and structured approach to define your mission statement, vision statement, goals, actions, and measures. Add comments during reviews to explain plan progress of you plan and key results   

Clearly defined strategy vs tactics

Software that enables top level strategy formulation which breaks down to lower levels for tactical strategy implementation

Creating links between your strategy and day to day actions has never been easier. skefto provides a simple way to break down your strategy into sub plans for an agile strategy implementation.         

More than just a strategic planning template

Your strategy is unique as it outlines your value chain for your customers. Therefore using a strategic planning template at times just won’t cut it.

skefto allows you to be flexible and adjusts based on your your specific needs. From the plan structure your plan, through to how you define your processes and workflow, skefto has you covered.

Create beautiful strategy reports

Produce strategy reports that explain the status of your plans and key results. Most importantly, improve decision making through an amazing set of insights

Obtain insights into the status of your plans and key results that give you complete control to make decisions backed by data. skefto’s implementation of Microsoft Power BI embedded presents a set of powerful reports and visuals from within a single platform.

Strategic Planning Software for…

strategy software for CEO and the C Suite

CEO and the C Suite

Simply relay your vision and get all teams moving to the beat of the same drum. Access data on plan status and key results in an instant

Strategy Software for the Strategy Manager

Strategy Manager

Ensure all plans follow the same language and that staff, process, and strategy are aligned. Further, produce beautiful reports quickly and easily

Strategy Software for Directors and Boards

Directors and Boards

Get a clear picture of all activities taking place to fulfill the company’s vision. Access the right data to make decisions based on real time data

100% agile strategic planning


Absorb and adapt  to change faster than ever before with a platform that enables agile strategic planning. skefto’s helps you promote and repeat winning tactics or learn and adjust areas of improvement through a cycle of design, aligment and enablement.

59% of companies admit that they struggle to bridge the gap between strategy development and its practical, day to day implementation

Brightline Report

A Strategic Framework that will give your strategy a SPARC!

Strategic Planning Software powered by the SPARC strategic framework. Above all skefto allows you to quickly and simply build your strategy, and plan for long term success. Further, we help you bridge the gap between strategy formulation and strategy implementation. Most importantly we provide you a means to report on the status of your plans and clearly present result data.

use skefto Strategic Planning Software SPARC to methodically build your strategy and plan for sustained success. skefto SPARC bridges the gap between planning and execution, providing a basis for performance reporting and clear communication with your stakeholders

Some useful resources

Here are some useful resources to help design a winning strategy

6 Features of Strategic Planning

Planning is required in order to respond and adapt to a fast changing market place. This article provides information and some simple tips on the key features required for successful strategy formulation, strategic alignment and strategy implementation.

Strategic Objectives Guide: Foundation for Success

Simply defined Strategic Objectives are broad statements of direction, a set of goals companies strive for in order to fulfill their ultimate mission. These big-picture goals are created to ensure companies have a competitive stance in the market and to ensure their longevity.

Strategic Framework Unlocked: 6 You Should Know!

Simply put a Strategic Framework is a tool that people utilise when creating their overall Strategic Model or Strategic Plan. Specifically, it is used during the strategy formulation and evaluation stage of developing a strategic plan. Businesses use a strategic framework to analyse their overall strategic position against different market factors.

Present a One Page Strategy: 5 Steps to Create a Winning Strategy

A strategic management tool designed to give a window into a companies overall strategic plan. It is a single page view of companies plan, priorities and direction. Like most useful things, the concept is simple. It forces a business to present a precise, yet clear overview of their goal and the means by which they hope to succeed. A one page strategy is a complementary piece to a companies overall strategic plan, it is not the whole plan itself.