A Leap Towards Integrated COMMUNITY outcome and COUNCIL Planning

a Local Government Research Study by LG Pro & Skefto Innovations

LGPro and Skefto Innovations have completed interviews across the Local Government sector in the areas of integrated strategic planning and performance reporting. Our aim was to establish sector benchmarks and provide insightful trends with suggestions that support continuous improvement in subsequent years of the study.

The intended outcomes of the study include:

Outcome 1: Published benchmark statistics made available providing a basis for comparison across Councils

Outcome 2: Commentary recorded as part of the study that explains results and provides an insight into annual sector trends

Outcome 3: From year 2, availability of industry-backed suggestions formulated and made available to support continuous improvement across the sector

The data below provides a benchmark for Local Government


Some useful resources for developing Council Plans

Here are some useful resources to help design a winning strategy for your LG

Integrated Planning and Performance Reporting Software

Skefto delivers a Platform for Integrated planning and Performance Reporting. Skefto’s primary objectives include, (1) Aligning the vision of the Community with Council plans and finances, (2) Enhance Culture & Maturity surrounding Planning and Performance Reporting, (3) Improving Governance, (4) Providing 1 Central Spot for Integrated Planning, (5) Enabling an Agile Delivery of Plans, and (6) Improving Service Performance.

Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework (ISPRF) for Local Government

Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework (ISPRF)

The new Local Government Act 2020 requires councils to take a principles based approach for strategic planning and performance reporting. As a result the aim is to avoid the previous prescriptive nature of strategic planning and reporting. Rather Government will work with councils to identify and design the supports required to implement the provisions of the Act.

skefto strategic planning for local government

Local Government Act – 6 Challenges for Councils

The LG Act requires that councils maintain systems of planning and performance reporting that allow it to realise its vision and to deliver high quality services. Above all, for this to occur officers, managers, executive teams, auditors, committees, and Council must align. Below are some of the key challenges being faced by the sector to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act and how software could provide an answer to these challenges.