What is a Strategy Platform?

A Strategy platform allows organisations to define the objectives, actions, and metrics used to manage business performance. skefto breaks down strategic plans into operational plans, enabling a clear line of sight and complete vertical and horizontal integration.

62% of companies admit that implementation is seen as an operational task (as opposed to a strategic one)

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use skefto SPARC to methodically build your strategy and plan for sustained success. skefto SPARC bridges the gap between planning and execution, providing a basis for performance reporting and clear communication with your stakeholders.

54% of lead organisations provide effective feedback to allow those implementing strategy to take into account information from the evolving competitor landscape,” compared with 35% for non-lead organisations

Brightline Economist Report

Key benefits

integrate planning & execution

bridge the gap between strategy development, planning, execution and ensure activities are aligned to customer and stakeholder requirements

access timely information

increase accessibility to plans with real time alerting, notification & access to information real-time, any-where, any-time!

connect & align

link organisational & staff performance and allow management across all levels to monitor outcomes for activities emanating from their business areas

enable growth & drive efficiency

ensure organisational growth objectives are realised whilst maintaining efficient practices

demonstrate governance

define measures, milestone and key results which indicate that a process, service or activity is operating within acceptable business, social, legislative or safety tolerances

achieve compliance

ensure contractual and regulatory performance reporting requirements are met, easily accessed and distributed

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