How The Product Works

Key Features

Doing the planning basics well

skefto provides a simple, visual and engaging way to design and execute your strategy. Using the skefto SPARC methodology, plans are able to be populated with objectives, key results (or milestones), actions and KPIs. Planning is quickly converted into execution with tools available for effective management and monitoring of the implementation and performance of your strategy.

Just getting it done

Information emanating from the planning process is surfaced on the homepage which presents tasks for individuals and teams. The home page consolidates all information for all plans whether strategic, divisional or personal into a single consolidated view, ensuring actions are completed, KPIs are updated and reviews are undertaken on time!

Collaborative planning

skefto is built on a team first approach. Information is able to be shared with members, promoting a
collaborative and connected approach to design and execute your strategy. Members are able to post
and respond to comments posted by other members. Strategy and performance reviews can either be
performed by a team of members or individually as may be required for individual staff performance

Resources planning

Significantly important to the successful delivery of any strategy is the existence of resource planning.
skefto allows resources to be defined for objectives and actions with details of each resource including estimated costs and its criticality.

77% of successful companies have an established mechanism to translate their strategy into operative terms and evaluate it on a day to day basis.  

David Norton

Activity & auditability

skefto consolidates all activity into a single log with comments, attachments and transactions displayed chronologically. This ensures compliance with records keeping regulations and demonstrates good governance whilst providing an ability to trawl through historic information.

Event triggers and automations

Triggers send email alerts to users notifying them of task assignments and when events occur that require communication with stakeholders. Additionally automations periodically notify users of events such as actions due for completion, KPI results requiring an update and reviews approaching or overdue. Triggers and automations work together to ensure deadlines are always met on time.

Custom properties and terminology

Configure plan, objective, action and KPI properties to ensure the correct information is being recorded for reporting, data analysis and alert distribution. Align skefto’s terminology with that of your organisation so that it is relevant and easily adopted.

Advanced security

A comprehensive security model allows user profiles to be defined, controlling access to individual plans or a group of plans based on preconfigured conditions.

40% also confess that they don’t completely understand their company’s vision – some of these folks haven’t even been exposed to it at all.  

Kelton Global

Measuring performance

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are able to be set against all items in a plan. Whether measuring high level performance of a plan, its objectives or more granularly for an action or initiative. KPIs schedules alerts users to update their KPI Results periodically. To ensure we are performing within acceptable tolerances KPI Result Targets provide real time traffic light alerts when KPI Results are

Linking plans vertically and horizontally

skefto supports complete organisational alignment. Vertically linking occurs through a cascading plan structure and horizontally through the linking of selected items across plans. As links are created, relationships can be defined by users providing context on how items operate in tandem.

Strategy & performance reviews

Schedule once off or recurring plan and performance reviews which are able to be performed by a team or an individual as may be required for staff performance reviews. All information about a plan is accessible during the review process so that reviewers can report accurately on the performance of a plan and make data driven decisions on how to resteer a plan if required.

Reporting & analytics

Access all data in real time and obtain valuable insights into planning and performance. Data is surfaced through an integration process between skefto and business intelligence platforms such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Qlik to name a few, and presented as a set of reports, visualisations and dashboards.

About Us

our vision is to enable organisational strategy through simple, integrated, actionable and measurable planning.