Q1: Does our organisation have a formal process for developing and reviewing its strategy and execution plans?

Q2: Does our organisation maintain a clear and proactive strategic direction as opposed to one which is reactive to short term distractions?

Q3: Does our organisation continually monitor the external and internal environment and adapt its strategy as conditions evolve and new insights emerge?

Q4: Does our organisation use outputs from planning processes to inform the development of its budget?

Q5: Does our organisation develop its strategy as a coordinated effort that includes all relevant staff involved in strategy delivery?

Q6: Does our organisation effectively bridge the gap between strategy development and its practical, day-to-day execution?

Q7: Does our organisation tie performance measures to the achievement of goals and the delivery of key projects?

Q8: Does our organisation communicate progress of plans upstream, downstream and cross divisionally and update plans as required?

Q9: Does our organisation reallocate resources and apply corrective action when plans change or risks and opportunities are identified?

Q10: Do you think failures in strategy design & execution would likely impact our organisations financial performance, the achievement of our goals or place us at a competitive disadvantage?