Upskilling your Strategy

Upskilling your Strategy

Connecting a brighter future
As we look to emerge from lockdown and our economy adjusts to what will be the new normal we look to the past seeking comparisons for what we can expect. Will our challenges be greater than the Global Financial Crisis, The Spanish Flu or World War II. The truth is that never in our past history have so many diverse industries been shut down overnight for an unknown period of time.

What we do know is that the mandate from our government like many is that we have to get our economy moving again. We need to do this not only to reinstate jobs for the 1 million or so Australians that were let go but also create opportunities, roles and employment for those entering the workforce.

Universities are faced with the challenge and opportunity to play what could be a leading role in the nation’s economic recovery. Universities already make an enormous contribution to Australia’s economic & social prosperity through their research and innovation as well as the skilled graduates they supply into the labour market.

According to the experts, Australia’s current workforce is not equipped with the skill for the future of work. It’s estimated that in Australia 70% of young people will require some kind of reskilling by 2030 due to the automation of the workplace. As the next generation emerges into the current workforce they may find themselves in a unique position armed already with a diversity of transferable skills that could reward them with a long-lasting career and equally employers with the agility they seek to survive and rebuild. Universities must engage as many people as possible to play their part in ensuring that this taskforce can be connected with new opportunities and employers thus playing their critical role in getting Australia’s economy back on its feet.

Most of the employment projections made for 2020 could not foresee or account for the impact caused by COVID-19. Employment is forecast to increase in 16 of the 19 broad industries over the five years to May 2024. Health Care and Social Assistance is projected to make the largest contribution to employment growth, followed by Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, Education and Training then Construction. These four industries alone are predicted to provide over 62 percent of total employment growth over the next five years.

It is now more than ever our economy is dependent on employers and individuals being able to connect the right skills within the right industries at the right time. Employment and student connection services such as ConnectCv can deliver high quality workers of relevant skills that can support the rapid upskilling and reskilling required within these growth areas.

In short skills are fast becoming the new currency of this modern economy by connecting students into the labour market. We can provide employers with direct access to a skilled and reliable labour force that is not only ready for industry but carries with them developing skill sets and technologies. This approach can not only provide long-term benefits for employers but opportunity for students to grow into what could be a long and satisfying career.
As skefto takes the next step in our own growth strategy we too aim to skill up by sourcing talent through ConnectCv that will not only assist us in building a flexible and scalable project work team but a team that bring with them a ‘sparc’ of new technologies and thinking that will carry us forward onto future development and delivery of our Strategic Planning Software & KPI Dashboards.

Find out more about how you can give your strategy a SPARC with skefto strategic planning software today.

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