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Integrate the University Vision with Operational Plans 

How skefto Helps with Strategic Planning in Higher Education

Tightly Align all Plans for improved strategic planning and performance reporting
Integrated & Aligned Planning

Align the University vision and stakeholder outcomes with operational planning.

skefto provides a simple way to break down a University Strategic plan, into portfolio, functional, faculty and school level plans. As a result, this allows directional goals to be defined at the highest level which is operationalised by being broken down into daily tasks and allocated for execution across the University.

enhance culture and maturity
Enhance Culture & Maturity

We don’t believe software alone is enough to drive a positive outcome! The delivery of a strategy requires all people to be moving in the same direction. As a result, all staff should be working with a consistent strategic planning process. Above all staff should focus on a common vision and achieving a common set of goals.

We work with our customers to understand maturity levels and to identify the culture required to deliver a positive outcome. As a result, we employ experienced trainers that have worked for many years with Universities to deliver education and training. We provide end to end solutions that educate our customers in the area of strategy, planning, and use of KPIs.

improve governance for improved strategic planning and performance reporting
Improve Governance

Provide timely and insightful updates on the status of your Strategy and Performance. Above all enable data backed decision making and improve the quality of data to allow for more effective reviews, annual reporting and auditing.

agile delivery
Agile Delivery

Innovate and grow by adapting and responding to change whilst considering your University’s capacity. Above all, skefto provides best in class tools that allow Universities to deliver their strategy with agility.

As a result, Universities are firstly better placed to deliver strategic change. Secondly, Universities are able to drive improvement through systems of learning and retrospectives. And finally, Universities are able to align divergent strategies being rolled out at the same time.

improved service performance through improved strategic planning and performance reporting
Improve Performance

Track KPIs, and deliver service and product improvements to the University community in response to monitoring and feedback.

skefto allows University’s to monitor and manage KPIs relating to core services or contained in plans. KPI schedules alert users when an update of a KPI result is due for submission. Further, KPI targets provide real time feedback based on recorded results.

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Some useful resources for University Strategic Planning

Here are some useful resources to help design a winning strategy for your University

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