Employee development and performance management software

Performance Management Software and Employee Development Plan Software that enhances engagement and performance by aligning employee tasks and outcomes with the company’s strategy, running regular reviews and providing tools for agile execution of plans

How skefto works…

Employee Alignment

Align all employee goals, tasks and performance measures with the company’ strategy. As a result all employees clearly understand why what they do is so important to the success of the company.

skefto Employee Development Plan software will have all your employees moving to the same rhythm. Remember a team is stronger than the individual and alignment promotes a team based delivery where teams goals are associated with the efforts of each employee.

performance management software for employe alignment
Employee Development Software for agile execution
Agile Employee Development Plan Execution

Implement employee development plans with agility. skefto enables incremental and continuous improvement using a human centric model of planning, collaboration, review and delivery.

skefto Employee Development Plan software allows employees to efficiently implement the activities required to achieve their goals and meet their performance targets. Furthermore, an agile approach helps employees prioritise and group their tasks into time blocks providing focus and delivery at speed.    

Employee Reviews and Performance Management

A regular review cycle enhances trust and creates predictable outcomes. skefto allows you to run reviews with your employees in the right way.

skefto Performance Management software focusses on what needs to be achieved (in a particular period of time), what has worked well (that we can do more of), and where there might be opportunities for improvement.  

Reviews are also used as a basis for performance management. Skefto uses performance measures to promote learning and development by giving employees control over their outcomes. Above all this allows success to be celebrated or unexpected results to be actioned.    

performance management software for effective employee reviews

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A Performance Management Process that Inspires

skefto Performance Management Software gives a new definition to performance management. Above all we focus on inspiring employee performance without the need for constant management

skefto transforms a traditional Performance Management Process, often viewed as negative and demotivating, into a platform for learning and growth.

The Performance Management Process in skefto allows employees to focus on what’s most important and places employees in control of their destiny. Most importantly this allows employees to celebrate success.

skefto Performance Management Software motivates your workforce and help you attract and retain the best talent.

performance management software - A Performance Management Process that Inspires

Create a Professional Development Plan for Growth

Skefto Employee Development Plan Software provides a simple process for employees to define the goals and key activities for their success

skefto Employee Development Plan Software provides a simple step by step way for employees to create and deliver their professional development plan. More so skefto creates alignment between employee and organisational goals and performance measures. This allows each employee to understand WHY what they do is so important to the overall success of the organisation.

skefto also gets all employees moving to the same rhythm by promoting a team first approach to strategy and planning. Remember, a champion team is always more productive than a group of individual champions!

Employee Development Plan Software - Create a Professional Development Plan for Growth

An Employee Centric Performance Management Framework

skefto delivers Performance Management Software that prioritises your most important asset… Your PEOPLE. As a result, skefto ensures employees buy into your vision by creating engagement and giving employees control over their destiny

Given the SUM of all employee performance EQUALS our overall organisational performance, our employees should be our highest priority! 

skefto Performance Management Software is based on transparency and trust. skefto promotes employee inclusion when defining performance measures which creates early buy-in and alignment. 

skefto understand that reviews are critically important to employee performance. However to ensure employees performance at their optimum reviews must be performed in the right way.

As a result skefto moves away from traditional and overwhelming review techniques. Instead, skefto looks at 3 key focus areas asking what employees are to achieve in a particular period of time. What has worked well that they can do more of? And above all where opportunities for improvement might exist.

Performance Management Software - An Employee Centric Performance Management Framework

Employee Development Plan Software for…

performance management software for CEO and the C Suite

CEO and the C Suite

Performance Management Software that ensures your organisational and employee goals are aligned and that everyone is moving in the same direction. Most importantly ensure you can attract and retain the very best talent

employee development software for employees


Employee development plan software that will help you take your performance to the next level. Take control over your destiny and deliver positive results quicker and more effectively than ever before

performance management software for the strategy manaager

Strategy Manager

Performance Management Software that ensures all staff are adhering to strategic planning and performance policies and processes. Deliver a best of class strategic planning and performance framework that connects the organisation vertically and horizontally.

94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development.

LinkedIn Learning Report, 2020

A Framework that will give employee performance a SPARC!

Employee development plan software powered by the SPARC strategic framework. skefto allows employee to quickly and simply build and implement their professional development plans setting out a pathway for their success. Above all skefto promotes a system of learning and growth allowing employees celebrate their success or adjust where required.

use skefto Strategic Planning Software SPARC to methodically build your strategy and plan for sustained success. skefto SPARC bridges the gap between planning and execution, providing a basis for performance reporting and clear communication with your stakeholders