Strategically enhancing organisational resilience

Masterclass Topic

Organisational resilience represents a broad spectrum of components we need to have in place to ensure our sustainable future. Amongst these components exists a set of risks and strategies which provide an opportunity to survive and thrive. On the other hand they threaten our extinction if not managed effectively.

So was it strategy or risk that came first? Moreover what has proven more important to us in establishing ourselves as resilient organisations? Has it been an effective approach to managing risk? Or on the other hand does the answer rest in an unparalleled and precise execution of strategy?

This strategy masterclass will help unravel and solve this classic “chicken & egg” conundrum.

Furthermore we will explore whether our sustainable future hinges inherently on our ability to manage our risks? Or on the other hand whether the greatest of those who have prospered have set out to deliberately design and effectively execute their strategies standing above all others as the alpha models in their industries.

masterclass strategically enhancing organisational resilience
This masterclass will explore 5 focus areas
What you get for participating
strategy discovery workshop for strategic aligment and strategy execution

Firstly, access to a free “strategy discovery workshop” for your organisation

strategy execution, strategic alignment and resilience presentation and slides

Secondly, a copy of the presentation and recording of the masterclass

Resilience Practitioner Handbook

Thirdly, a copy of the Resilience Practitioner Handbook

skefto strategy maturity survey

Finally, early release access to skefto’s “Strategy Maturity” benchmark survey

Masterclass Presenters
peter gervasoni organisational resilience specialist

Pete Gervasoni

A risk and resilience specialist having worked in Government and consulting roles for more than 15 years. Pete is the Convenor of ISO’s Organisational Resilience Study Group.

Also an active member of the Standards Australian/ISO working group (MB025/TC292) on Security and Resilience. Pete:

  • Has previously developed industry leading enterprise risk frameworks, together with developing organisational resilience frameworks for clients.
  • Looks at innovative approaches to integrating resilience principles into organisations.
  • Moreover Pete provides ongoing leadership in the development of resilience standards.

kosta nicolaou risk and strategy specialist

Kosta Nicolaou

A software development and product specialist focussed on delivering innovative, scalable, and secure enterprise grade software products. Kosta’s career encompasses over 20 years’ experience across a diverse range of technical back-office and client facing roles. Kosta’s key focus has been across product strategy, project delivery and B2B marketing.