3.6 Your home page

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When you log into Skefo, the system will default to your home page.

This page will show the following information and functions:

  • The number of assignments you have this week and the number overdue. This will be displayed at the top of the page and underneath your name.
  • Filters for tasks by: All tasks, overdue tasks and open tasks
  • Filters positions/roles, individuals or everyone
  • Filters by a period or all the time
  • Overview screen can be broken up by Plan
  • Whether the item is an objective, Action or KPI
  • The status of the item: In progress, Not started and the KPI period.
  • Links to other members of a hierarchy. Eg for Actions it will note the objective it relates to. 

See below for an example of “Your screen” with a Plan filter.

On this Plan there are 19 items in the Plan. Each item shows the detail of the item, due date for the review or task, the persons responsible for the item, and the action required which is shown on the blue tab.


The actions are:

  • Complete Action: Action is required by the nominated date to complete the task
  • Start Review: Commence review by the date nominated
  • Enter Result: Manually enter result for a KPI