3.5 Scheduling a Review

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Reviews can be scheduled for a Plan, Objective/Goal/Key Result, Action and a KPI by inserting the required details in the “Reviews” tab of the Plan, Objective/Goal/Key Result, Action and a KPI.

Step 1: Click on the schedule review icon.

Step 2: Complete the following information:

  1. Schedule repeating review. Use this if a recurring review is required. If not, do not activate the slide rule.
  1. For recurring reviews, insert the number of reviews, and the frequency. Monthly reviews will be “Repeat”- 1 and “Every” months. For quarterly reviews it will be 3. Etc.
  1. Use look up options for period end determination
  1. Insert the “start of reporting period”. The decision in Step 2 will automate the end of reporting period.
  1. Specify the reviewers from the look up options and then the completion dates of the reviews.
  2. Nominate the completion date of the completion dates of the reviews
  3. Click “schedule when completed.

Examples are given for the instructions for Creating, maintaining and updating Actions and KPIs.