2.7 Linking Plans

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Skefto allows plans to be linked, which promotes collaboration and  transparency amongst users/owners and provides a helicopter view of all plans to Senior  Managers.

Linking plans allows cascading and aggregation to occur providing a clear line of sight from strategic plans through to operational and individual plans.

There are three methods of linking plans:s

  1. Reference to a Parent Plan or Sub Plan
  2. Using the search facility
  3. From an objective, action or KPI within the plan
Link through a reference to a Parent Plan or Sub Plan

On the left hand side of the details screen, there will be a list of Parent or sub plans.

Step 1: Objectives/Goals/Key Results, Actions and KPI’s can be linked directly into a Plan by clicking on the relevant Parent or Sub Plan.

Step 2: In this case, the Sub Plan’s Objectives/Goals/Key Results, Actions and KPI’s are listed and by placing the cursor on the line you want linked, a Link icon will appear where you can click and then link this item to your plan.

Step 3: An information box will appear requesting the item in the Plan which requires linking. Place the cursor on the desired item for linking as illustrated below.

Step 4: Click the link option. The items are now linked and the link now appears on the line. The number above the link designates the number of items linked to this objective. 


Step 5: Click “done” on the information line to complete the linking.

By clicking on the item in the Plan which has a link, we can sight the details of the details of the linking.

Step 6: Comments can be added to provide more details of the linking. Click save when the comments section is completed.


To view the linked item, click “View” on the bottom of the screen. The details of the linked item will now appear from the Sub Plan or the Parent Plan.

Link using the search facility

The search function can be used to locate objectives/goals/Key results, actions or KPI’s that require linking.

Step 1: Go to the search function on the top right hand side of the screen  and type in a key word from the description of the plan, objectives/goals/Key results, actions or KPI’s that requires linking.

Note, you may click the filter function and select from the menu the category to narrow down into spcific types of records. The item will appear in a box underneath the search field. See example below, where a key result/objective with the keyword “suicide rate” was selected and the key results with “suicide rate”  appears for all plans with this key word.

Step 2: Click “Link” for the Key Result required.

Step 3: The next step is to link the required linked item to your plan. The information box will prompt you to complete the linking. Go to the line on your plan and hover over the line and click the link option. See example below.

Step 4: Details of the key result will appear on the left hand pane. Comments can be inserted about the relationship of the linking. Click the save function in the pane when the comments are completed and then click done on the information prompt to complete the linking.

The link is complete with the link icon now appearing on the key result line in the Plan.

Link through a reference to a Parent Plan or Sub Plan

Items within the same Plan can be linked especially if there is a dependency between these goals/objectives/key results.

Step 1: Go to the item requiring linking and click the option icon “…” and select “link item”.

Step 2: Then go to the item requiring to be linked and click the “link” option as shown below.

The link will now appear on the left hand pane. Click “done on the information pane.

Deleting a link

Step 1: To unlink an item in the Plan, just click on the line item and in the details pane an “Unlink” option will appear against each of the linked items.