1.9 Object and Properties

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Creating objects and properties, allows for the configuration of properties and terminology for items in a plan including actions, objectives and KPIs. Unique set of properties can be established based on the type of plan, e.g. strategic, operational, personal.

Step 1: Go to settings, and select “Objects & Properties”

Step 2: From here you can select from the Objects menu, Action, KPI, Objective or Plan. Let’s look at the Plan option. The procedures mentioned below for a Plan are also applicable to Actions, KPIs and Objectives.

Note, The list of available properties are provided on the left column. Each property can be dragged from the properties menu to global properties or to a specific plan type. You can use a property type as many times as you like and rename the property based on your plan’s requirements.

Definitions of properties:

Used to qualify a property as true or false, eg, is this a milestone

Use this property for commencement, milestones and completion dates

Allows multiple selections of a parameter. E.g. A Plan status list

Can insert text to provide information to the End User. E.g. A Vision and Mission statement, or more details on the Object

Capture quantifiable data e.g. expenditure, KPI result baseline etc.

Provides a lookup for the data field which has been established in settings. E.g. Plan type, Position, User, Reporting Entity for Business Unit etc

Used create a label or tag eg prioritisation of an objective

Step 3: To adopt a property from the master list, just drag the required property to the Global properties or to the specific object, in this case a “Strategic Plan”.


Step 4: You can then change the description of the property by using the edit function or clicking on the property to give you the full property details screen, with an example as follows:

See below for a completed example of properties for a Strategic Plan. There could be many types of plans, each with their individual properties.