1.8 Creating Business Activities

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Business Activities are actions undertaken by individuals or companies, such as buying, selling, marketing, or investing, for the purpose of generating profits or developing economic opportunities. Business Activities can be linked to plans, objectives/outcomes, actions and KPI  used for aggregated reporting.

Step 1: Click settings button


Step 2: Click “Business Activities” 


Step 3: Then click “Create Business Activity”

Step 4: Enter the “Business Activity Description”


Step 5: Enter a “Business Activity Code”


Step 6: Enter the reporting line for the business Activity in the “Business Activity Reporting To” field from the drop down menu.


Step 7: Click Create


See below example and output.


  1. By hovering over a Business Activity the “ edit, delete, add child” options are displayed.
  2. “Edit” allows for the changes to the Business Activity details.
  3. “Delete” allows the deletion of a Business Activities
  4. “Child” can add a sub activity of the business activity