1.5 Creating Users

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Named individuals can be created for the purpose of being identified as an end users of the system and provided their own unique login credentials. Users can also be assigned to plans, objectives, actions , KPI’s, reviews etc, and are an integral part of the notification and escalation process. Users can also be linked to one or many positions.

Step 1: From the “Settings” option select “Users”


Step 2: Press the “Create User” button 


Step 3: Enter the following details for the New User:

  1. First Name
  2. Surname
  3. Email
  4. Business Unit from the drop down list
  5. Authentication method from drop down. Would normally be “Application method”, unless single sign on is an available function.
  6. User Name- (login ID)
  7. Password
  8. Hit the “Create” button

See below for a completed example.

The new user, in this case David House will appear on the list of “users” screen.

Step 4: You can add additional information on the user by clicking the User’s name from the list.


Step 5: Open up the “User Data” section and enter the required information


Step 6: Complete the applicable details from “Organisation data”


Step 7: Complete the applicable details from “Security data”


Step 8: Press the “Save” button