1.4 Creating Positions/Roles

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The importance of creating positions and roles are as follows:

  • Allows assignments to be made by position therefore delegating responsibility and providing accountability and transparency
  • Becomes critical for the notification and escalation of outstanding tasks
  • Allows data to be displayed by role/position
  • Ensure notign slips through the cracks as users switch in and out of positions/roles
  • Can assist creating teams to undertake strategy and planning

Step 1: Click settings button


Step 2: Click “Positions” 


Step 3: Then click “Create position”


Step 4: Enter the “Position Description”


Step 5: Enter a “Position Code”


Step 6: Enter the reporting line for the Position in the “Position Reporting To” field from the drop down menu.


Step 7: Click Create


A completed example for reference and the display on the status screen.