1.10 Triggers and Automations

Triggers, provides email notifications when a certain transaction has occurred. Eg, a Plan has changed status and the members of the plan are notified. Automations, provides email notifications when an event is overdue or a schedule event is soon approaching. Eg, a reminder that a scheduled review of a plan is in two days time. […]

3.6 Your home page

When you log into Skefo, the system will default to your home page. This page will show the following information and functions: The number of assignments you have this week and the number overdue. This will be displayed at the top of the page and underneath your name. Filters for tasks by: All tasks, overdue […]

3.5 Scheduling a Review

Reviews can be scheduled for a Plan, Objective/Goal/Key Result, Action and a KPI by inserting the required details in the “Reviews” tab of the Plan, Objective/Goal/Key Result, Action and a KPI. Step 1: Click on the schedule review icon. Step 2: Complete the following information: Schedule repeating review. Use this if a recurring review is […]

3.4 Creating, maintaining and updating KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) define a set of values against which to measure the performance of an Objective/Goal/Key Result or an Action.  In the Skefto platform, a KPI is designated with the symbol Creating a KPI   To create a KPI from the KPI overview screen, complete the following steps:   Step 1: Click the […]

3.3 KPIs overview

The KPI overview screen provides the following information on KPIs: Description of the KPI The status of the KPI The Plan the KPI is associated with The next review date of the KPI. Grey status-the KPI review is into the future, red-the review date is overdue, green- KPI review is completed. Result due date . […]

3.2 Creating, maintaining and updating Actions

Actions, which are the steps undertaken in order to meet specific objectives, can be created for the designed strategic objectives. In the Skefto platform, an action is designated with the symbol Creating an Action To create an action from action overview screen, complete the following steps: Step 1: Click the “create action” button on the […]

3.1 Action overview

The action overview screen provides the following information on actions: Description of the action The status of the action The Plan the action is associated with The due date of the action. Grey status-the action is not yet due for completion, red-the date is overdue, green- action is completed. Next review date for the action. […]

2.7 Linking Plans

Skefto allows plans to be linked, which promotes collaboration and  transparency amongst users/owners and provides a helicopter view of all plans to Senior  Managers. Linking plans allows cascading and aggregation to occur providing a clear line of sight from strategic plans through to operational and individual plans. There are three methods of linking plans:s Reference […]

2.6 Creating a Sub Plan

Divisional plans can be created with vertical linking and reporting to the main business strategic plan by the use of the “sub plan” feature. There are two ways of creating a sub plan: Step 1: Go to the plan overview screen by clicking on the plan icon on the main left hand side toolbar. Then […]

2.5 Adding Comments, Links and Documents

In the Activity section of an Objective, Action or KPI, an audit trail exists for all activities relating to that particular item. Comments be submitted, documents can be attached and reference sites can be linked in this section.   Steps for adding comments, links and attaching documents:   Step 1: Click the plan icon on […]