STEM Learning Excellence: A Geelong Tech School Success Story

STEM Learning Geelong Tech School The Gordon TAFE

Geelong Tech School takes a Strategic Approach to Delivering STEM Learning Excellence The Geelong Tech School is a ‘technology hub’ that facilitates STEM Learning programs, emphasising the vital science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills needed for the 21st Century. Geelong Tech School compliments the education delivered by partner secondary schools through providing access to the […]

Safety Management System: Key Components and Benefits

Introduction: Safety Management System Over the past 15 of my career, I have seen a fast-changing industrial landscape that has shifted mindsets from safety being merely a moral duty and a compliance requirement, through to a pathway of achieving operational excellence. Strong evidence indicates that organisations boasting the greatest safety performance have also implemented an […]

Strategic Risk: The importance of linking risk to strategy

Introduction It’s amazing how many organisations are great at defining and documenting a 3-4 year strategy and wonder why, when they are two years into execution it’s failing. Did they assess their strategic risks? Did they even engage with the Risk Team during the development of the strategy? My guess is no. Many organisations both […]

Safety glasses and safety shoes – simple frontline defences

safety glasses safety shoes safety boots - PPE serves as a frontline defence against numerous workplace hazards

In a world where safety and health concerns have taken centre stage, the significance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cannot be overstated. PPE such as the simple use safety glasses and safety shoes, serves as a frontline defence against numerous workplace hazards, ensuring the well-being of workers and the continuity of businesses. In this article, […]

Risk control hierarchy – the most effective way to manage risk

Effective risk management

The hierarchy of risk control is designed to help organisations prioritise risk control measures by focusing on the most effective ways to minimise risks. Organisations can follow the hierarchy of risk control for strategic risks to enable improved and informed decisions about managing risks and allocate resources appropriately to mitigate risks while pursuing strategic objectives. […]

Strategy on a Page : 5 Steps to Create a Winning Strategy

Strategy on a Page

Every year the strategy space continues to grow. It is common nowadays to see a CSO, Chief Strategy Officer, at almost every large cooperation around the world. Incredible when you consider 15 years ago the role almost didn’t exist. After immersing myself within the strategy space, I truly believe all businesses will succeed if they […]

University Strategic Planning Framework: 4 Challenges Solved

skefto strategic planning for universities

Universities are hugely important to our economy, society and our nations growth. Today, Universities face major shifts in economics, politics and technology, further compounded by increased competition on the global stage. It is vital that the University Strategic Planning Framework and the University strategic planning process combine to deliver positive results. This article presents 4 […]

Strategic Framework Unlocked: 6 You Should Know!

strategic framework

A 20th Century French poet by the name of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. While Mr Saint-Exupéry ‘s message is a good life lesson, it fails to mention any of the trouble of putting a plan and the elements of strategy together. How often do you […]

PGPA Act and 6 Strategic Government Challenges

skefto strategic planning for state and federal government

PGPA Act – 6 Strategic Government Challenges As per the PGPA Act, agencies plan in order to achieve their objectives and report on their KPIs. To achieve positive outcomes Governments and Agencies need to work together to align their plans. Below are some of the key areas in which agencies should focus to ensure they […]

Strategic Objectives Guide: Foundation for Success

SMART Strategic Objectives

Billionaire and founder of Craigslist, Craig Newmark once attributed his success to a mixture of luck and persistence. While I can be on board with the persistence message, the whole idea that luck is something you need to succeed is just absurd to me. From our eyes at Skefto success in business is achieved when […]